Patricia is in collaborative practice with Dr. Weily Soong. As the lead nurse practitioner for AllerVie Health, Patricia has the unique opportunity to assess, diagnose and treat patients while staying true to the nursing profession. She enjoys teaching patients and their families about their conditions and explaining the different treatments that we prescribe. Patients are much more likely to follow a treatment plan if it is tailored to their particular medical condition and their specific social and emotional needs. It is her job as a nurse practitioner to work with the patient to formulate the best plan possible. She was a nurse educator for many years and served as a clinical instructor for undergraduate nursing students in the inpatient hospital setting. Patricia also served as an instructor for the Family Nurse Practitioner program at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Patricia’s years of nurse practitioner experience have reinforced her belief that we all desire the same thing; to be treated with respect and to be treated as an individual by a knowledgeable and understanding healthcare provider. She strives to meet these goals with each patient at AllerVie Health. Patricia is married and has two sons. She and her family enjoy the beach, hiking, and camping.


  • Masters from San Diego State University
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing from San Diego State Univeristy



Certified Asthma Educator