Originally published by EIN Newswire February 7, 2024

 Today, AllerVie Health, a leading provider of allergy and immunology services in the United States, announced that Premier Allergist of Florida, initially acquired in December 2021, will now fully transition to the AllerVie Health brand. This rebranding is accompanied by the integration of a cutting-edge electronic medical record (EMR) system and patient portal.

Under the AllerVie Health name, Premier Allergist of Florida can utilize the national brand and its assets to broaden services, enhance care accessibility, and introduce cutting-edge developments in allergy, asthma, immunology, and clinical research.

“AllerVie Health takes pride in upholding the established legacy and reputation of Premier Allergist of Florida while propelling the practice forward into the future,” said Carly Gollihar, Regional Director of Operations for Florida. “This rebranding and implementation of best-in-class technology only reaffirm AllerVie’s commitment to excellence through expanding our reach, enhancing patient care, and driving innovation.”

The addition of a new EMR system and patient portal enables AllerVie Health to provide patients with better, more comprehensive care and enhanced communication conveniently and securely. Patients located in the Sarasota and Loxahatchee communities will have access to the following electronic features:

• Health Records
• Secure Messaging
• Online Appointments
• Medication Management
• Bill Pay Options
• Forms and Documents

These digital advancements have already been implemented across 11 of AllerVie’s sister locations in Florida, and Premier Allergist of Florida’s transition will officially complete the first stage of the company’s optimization efforts across the state.

Amid this transition, AllerVie Health’s allergists, clinical teams, and staff will continue to provide patients with the same high-quality services they’ve come to know and trust. Providers Dr. Rajivi Rucker, Dr. Sharlene Llanes, Solomia Pullen, and Jacqueline Jimenez-Ramos are all supportive advocates of the evolution of AllerVie Health.

Patients are encouraged to stay tuned for more details as the clinic embraces this exciting new chapter. For inquiries and more information, please contact the clinic directly or visit www.allervie.com/premier-florida/.

About AllerVie Health
AllerVie Health is a national network of board-certified allergists and immunologists partnering together for the advancement of patient care, serving patients across 13 states in 80+ clinic locations. Our providers are committed to establishing the allergy and immunology gold standard, expanding access to best-in-class care, and bringing relief and renewed vitality to the millions of Americans affected annually, many of whom live in underserved communities today. AllerVie is relentlessly dedicated to clinical excellence, creating an improved patient experience, and supporting the development of advanced allergy and immunology-focused therapeutics and treatment options. With AllerVie Health, our patients can feel their best, reclaim their lives, and live in freedom! To learn more, visit www.allervie.com.