BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA / AGILITYPR.NEWS / June 10, 2021 / Today, Alabama Allergy & Asthma Center and Clinical Research Center of Alabama announced the physician owners have partnered with a well-known investment group and have received an infusion of growth capital leading to the creation of AllerVie Health, a national network of board-certified allergists and immunologists. Exciting changes are in the works locally as all Alabama Allergy & Asthma Center locations will be rebranding to AllerVie Health this Fall 2021! At present, Clinical Research Center of Alabama will not be rebranding and will retain its name as an affiliate of AllerVie Health.

Dr. Weily Soong and the other providers at Alabama Allergy continue to own a meaningful portion of the business and have joined AllerVie Health as its inaugural platform of board-certified allergists. They continue to practice medicine and provide exemplary allergy and immunology services to patients from the current 10 locations across the state, ensuring continuity of care.

“We made the choice to go with an equity partner because our allergists are passionate about changing the face of allergy, asthma, and immunology care in this country,” said Dr. Soong. “We believe that the public demand is high for innovative healthcare, great customer service, and increased access to these services, and AllerVie Health is poised to be the premier solution in this country for the millions of Americans affected annually.”

Dr. John Anderson agrees, “As part of AllerVie Health, our Alabama allergists will be able to expand access to best-in-class care across the state to more Alabamians with an enhanced focus on recruiting premier doctors and introducing data and infrastructure to innovate their practices and bring additional clinical trials and treatment best practices to patients.”

“With our growth capital, we’ve been able to identify underserved areas in Alabama and will have opened three new locations in the state by this Fall in Fort Payne, Jasper, and Enterprise,” said Dr. Maxcie Sikora. “We will continue to open new locations as the need is identified and as we recruit additional, strong allergists to the state.”

Our providers remain more committed to the state of Alabama than ever before and look forward to bringing more locations, jobs, and the gold standard of patient care to even more people across Alabama who suffer from allergies, asthma, and immunological concerns.

About AllerVie Health

AllerVie Health is a national network of board-certified allergists and immunologists partnering together for the advancement of patient care, serving patients across 10 states in over 70 clinic locations. Our providers are committed to establishing the allergy and immunology gold standard, expanding access to best-in-class care, and bringing relief and renewed vitality to the millions of Americans affected annually, many of whom live in underserved communities today. AllerVie is relentlessly dedicated to clinical excellence, creating an improved patient experience, and supporting the development of advanced allergy and immunology-focused therapeutics and treatment options. With AllerVie Health, our patients can feel their best, reclaim their lives, and live in freedom! To learn more, visit


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