Hidayat Khan, MD is an experienced medical professional with a solid foundation in medical research and practice. His fellowship at the respected Howard University Hospital and the Bureau of Biologics has refined his skills and deepened his expertise, equipping him with a comprehensive understanding of his specializations.

Dr. Khan passionately delves into the complexities of asthma and its sensitivity to sulfites. His research and findings in the field of identification and characterization of indoor allergens has been published in the Journal of allergy and Clinical Immunology and presented at AAAAI Meetings

Dr. Khan serves the Columbia and Dundalk communities with great enthusiasm, helping patients find freedom from their allergies and asthma. His experience in pediatrics helps patients of all ages to feel at ease under his care. Outside the medical field, Dr. Khan enjoys building computers and traveling. His diverse experiences and interests within and beyond his profession make Dr. Khan a well rounded provider with the desire to always be learning and growing.


  • Pediatric Residency | Howard University Hospital | Washington D.C.
  • Docter of Medicine | Nishtar Medical University | Pakistan
  • Fellowship| Howard University Hospital and the Bureau of Biologics