This article originally ran on News West 9.

MIDLAND, Texas — West Texans know all about the allergies that have to be dealt with as wind blows all kinds of dust and pollen through the air. 

However, West Texas Allergy has taken steps that can help it better serve the community moving forward. 

The healthcare provider has partnered with the AllerVie Health Network, a national allergy organization that has 76 locations across 12 states. 

With state-of-the-art practices and updated technology, it will be academic-level care in a community setting. 

“Using this partnership, we can use this synergy together to expand what we have already been working towards here in West Texas,” said Dr. Miguel Wolbert, West Texas Allergy physician

Although AllerVie Health is a national organization, the strong local roots will remain. The national aspect will bring more resources to Midland, which will help overcome the challenges associated with being isolated from a larger city to better serve the Permian Basin.

“And so with AllerVie we’re able to use the national resources with research, with best practice, with best technology, to make sure we can keep offering these opportunities to our patients,” said Dr. Wolbert. 

The collaboration with AllerVie Health will give West Texas Allergy the ability to perform in some areas that they could not before.

“One big thing that we’re going to be able to do is be part of the AllerVie Network in regards to research,” said Dr. Wolbert. “AllerVie has a large research component, and we anticipate bringing some of that here to West Texas. Some of the different technology that they have as well in terms of evaluating for asthma and other lung conditions.” 

With the wide reach of AllerVie Health, Dr. Wolbert is most excited about working with the broader allergy community, which will subsequently benefit West Texas. 

“With AllerVie there’s about 100 providers — whether they’re physicians, physician assistants or nurse practioners – and we can all collaborate and work together to identify best practice,” said Dr. Wolbert. “That way we can stay up to date, we can make sure that we’re providing the best possible care in communities like West Texas, like Midland, Lubbock or other places across the country too.” 

AllerVie is headquarted in Dallas, and they have now expanded to reach further into West Texas after reaching Lubbock back in October of 2021. 

Dr. Wolbert said he is excited for this partnership ahead of the Spring season, which is typically a strong one in West Texas for both allergies and asthma

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