Originally Published 2/21/24 on WTOC

Spring is coming and with that often comes some seasonal allergies.

Right now, pollen levels in the Savannah area are a lot higher than they are in northern parts of Georgia.

Doctors with AllerVie Health say one of the main reasons we’re seeing higher pollen counts in our area is because of the weather we’ve been seeing. Dr. Robert Chrzanowski says with the warmer temperatures and rainfall Savannah has been seeing, it’s no surprise that we have some moderate to high pollen counts right now. He says as trees start to bloom, which normally starts around this time of year, the warmer it gets, the more pollen they’ll release. He also says some of the most common allergy symptoms from that pollen are itchy eyes, runny noses, sneezing, congestion, and scratchy throats.

If you know you, or your child, is sensitive to pollen, here are some tips you can follow as we get closer to the spring season.

“If you have children, maybe have them play outside early in the morning, before noon, before the pollen gets high. And when they come in, have them wash their hands and face and everything before touching anything,” AllerVie Health Dr. Robert Chrzanowski said. “You might want to keep your windows down during this time of year. People like fresh air and they’re glad that winter is over, but pollen will come through your screen.”

Another tip Dr. Chrzanowski says is to take some over-the-counter allergy medication, especially if you’re starting to see some of the symptoms and if those symptoms keep getting worse, he recommends that you see your doctor.