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DALLAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today, AllerVie Health, a national network of allergy clinics, announced that Rachel Russell will be the company’s new chief experience officer (CXO). The advancement from chief marketing, integration, and technology officer to CXO reflects AllerVie’s ongoing dedication to enhancing the patient experience and continuing its strategic leadership succession plans.

“I am excited to take on and establish the role of chief experience officer at AllerVie Health, where I’ll be leading initiatives to further champion patient-centered care”

Rachel Russell

In her new role, Russell will lead the establishment of the AllerVie experience division, a team dedicated to elevating the patient experience through the strategic use of technology. This division’s core mission is to revolutionize the patient journey, ensuring seamless access to care and enhancing the overall experience for patients, providers, and staff. By harnessing tech-driven solutions, Russell aims to improve clinic productivity, provide healthcare access where and when patients demand it, and mitigate provider burnout, fostering a more efficient and compassionate healthcare environment. She will be responsible for the development, implementation, and replication of these innovative programs and best practices, ensuring their successful application to both newly acquired and existing clinics within AllerVie’s network.

“I am excited to take on and establish the role of chief experience officer at AllerVie Health, where I’ll be leading initiatives to further champion patient-centered care,” said Russell. “I’ve had the privilege of witnessing firsthand the transformative power of innovation and technology, which is reshaping healthcare delivery and patient outcomes. Together with our dedicated teams, we will continue to set new standards of excellence and positively impact the lives of those we serve.”

Since joining AllerVie in 2021, Russell has led numerous successful initiatives to optimize the company’s technology systems and infrastructure. Under her guidance, the company transitioned from more than 24 unique practices toward a fully integrated network. The transition involved successfully upgrading IT hardware and software, implementing new systems in over 30 clinic locations, and executing EMR conversions in 20+ clinics thus far. Russell’s strategic focus on infrastructure and interoperability among systems has created unified and scalable operational solutions.

“Rachel is a catalyst for innovation,” said Tae Kim, AllerVie Health CEO. “Her fully engaged leadership has been instrumental in propelling AllerVie beyond our goals and advancing our commitment to innovation and patient-centric care. Rachel’s relentless approach to transformation has elevated AllerVie’s standing within the industry and demonstrated a dedication to shaping the future of healthcare through technology and an unwavering focus on improving the patient experience.”

Russell has accumulated over 15 years of experience in branding, marketing, communication, revenue growth, and mergers and acquisitions integration across various industries. Prior to joining AllerVie, Rachel held key positions at Epic Health Services, Harden Healthcare, and Baylor Scott & White, as well as provided client services to a variety of private equity-backed healthcare companies through her consulting practice. With every opportunity, Russell has demonstrated an unparalleled ability to establish and manage multi-faceted projects, leveraging synergies across different departments to ensure the best possible outcomes.

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