Unique Opportunities for Veterans

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Board-Certified Allergists and Immunologists

AllerVie Health is a veteran-led organization with board-certified allergists and immunologists at the table setting the standard of patient care and leading a premier medical model that changes lives. We are looking for the best physicians in the country to join our team and build into our vision for allergy care.

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Clinicians and Advanced Practice Providers

Your service to our country is what we are looking for when we say we need “the best and brightest” to join our team. We advocate for a patient-first care model that includes physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants to other clinicians all collaborating to provide the highest quality of care.

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Administrative and Support Positions

Veterans and their families are used to working under pressure and finding innovative solutions. They have been taught to think on their feet in the face of challenges and to work together to find original answers. That’s why we need you on our team to help us transform the treatment of allergies and asthma.

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Veteran Leadership at AllerVie

My time in the military taught me how to lead and serve others so that no one was left behind. This “others-first” mindset has never left me, nor has my commitment to helping others live better lives. When I worked for Uncle Sam, I protected my team and country. In my civilian career, I’ve channeled those motivations into recruiting and building great teams. I love seeing people improve their health, fitness, and wellness through my organizations’ services. From 24 Hour Fitness and pediatric home health to outpatient rehabilitation and now allergy and immunology, I use military lessons to take companies to new heights and change people’s lives for the better.

Chris Roussos, CEO (Served 1985-1990 · 5 yrs)

I joined the military because I wanted a challenging, disciplined environment. As an Army Aviation Officer, I learned the value of a unified team working toward an ultimate mission. The most memorable part of my military career was being mentored by some of our military’s top officers and then applying those lessons to leading my own soldiers. My military experience prepared me to handle turbulent, fast-paced environments and diverse groups of people. It taught me effective communication with peers, bosses, and subordinates in high-stress, high-risk situations. All these things contributed to my civilian career success, and my desire to work for a mission-oriented company led me to AllerVie.

Tae Kim, President (Served 2005-2013 · 8 yrs)

Accelerate Your Career

Your military service has given you and your family tremendous training and experience, and we hope you’ll bring those qualities with you to AllerVie Health.  In transition, on active duty, or in retirement, we have job opportunities for you.

At AllerVie, you’ll be a part of a team that really cares about its patients and their families and wants to see them succeed. We restore people’s lives, health, and vitality in concrete ways via all of the work we do, whether as a doctor or in the clinic, as an administrator, or as an operative support staff member.

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Benefits of working for Allervie Health


Medical, Dental, and Vision Insurance

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401(k) Retirement Plan and Employer Matching

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Generous Paid Time Off and Paid Holidays

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Short-Term And Long-Term Disability

Why veterans work here