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What to Expect?

All new patients will have an initial consultation and evaluation with our physicians to establish individual testing and treatment indications. In addition to a detailed medical history and physical examination, we will discuss the most appropriate testing and treatment options for your specific condition with you. Whenever possible, common allergy testing is arranged on the same day of the initial appointment to prevent an extra unnecessary trip to the office. Some testing, procedures, and treatments may require additional visits. Our staff will explain all about the tests and charges that will be incurred before actually proceeding with any testing. You will be given time to consider all options before proceeding with testing.

For testing, we advise our new patients to stop taking all antihistamine medications five days before their new patient appointment. Patients should not stop any of your other medications such as inhalers or nose sprays. If they are unable to discontinue their antihistamines, they should continue their medications, and the physician will discuss alternative medications, testing, or later testing at their initial appointment.

Our providers take pride in providing extensive education on prevention and treatment of immunological conditions. Treatment options will be mutually discussed and individualized to meet our patient’s needs. Examples of treatment options include but are not limited to: allergy avoidance and/or food elimination counseling, medication management, allergen immunotherapy (allergy shots or oral immunotherapy for foods), and biologic treatments.

How To Prepare for Your Appointment?

  • Discontinue all Antihistamines FIVE days prior to your appointment. Common medications containing Antihistamines are Benadryl, Triaminic, cough and cold medicines. Do not stop taking Singulair or asthma inhalers. For a complete list, visit and click on For Patients.
  • Please wear clothing that will allow allergy testing with ease. A two piece outfit, ex., shirt and pants work best.
  • We love children! However, if you are being allergy tested you will need to remain stationary and it will be difficult to keep an eye on small children.
  • We have Wi-Fi available in most locations for your convenience. Your visit as a new patient can last up to a few hours depending on testing needs. Please be prepared to stay at our office for the duration of your visit.
  • Remember that in order to be tested on the day of your initial visit you will need to discontinue certain medications five days prior to your appointment. If you are concerned or have questions about which medications to discontinue, please do not hesitate to call our office.
  • Should you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, please contact our office 24 hours before your appointment to avoid any cancellation fees, up to $50.
  • What Is Financial Counseling and What Is My Financial Responsibility for Services?

    Financial Counseling
    We offer the additional service of Financial Counseling to patients during their appointment. We will assist you in determining your insurance benefits for allergy testing, procedures, and/or immunotherapy before services are rendered.

    Our patients are required to pay all deductibles, copayments and coinsurance amounts at the time of service. Parents or adults accompanying a minor will be responsible for the patient’s copay and bill at that visit. For our patient’s convenience, we accept cash, checks, and all major credit and debit cards.

    Self Pay
    We accept self-pay for our services at select AllerVie locations. If you are uninsured or wish to self-pay for our services, we will also provide financial counseling for you at your appointment. Payment is due in full at the time of service.

    How Do You Handle Billing Inquiries, Overdue Accounts, or Claims & Refunds?

  • Our Customer Services Representatives handle all of our patient’s billing needs, from the electronic filing of insurance claims and patient statements to assisting our patients with questions regarding their bill. Call your local AllerVie office where one of our representatives will be happy to assist with any billing questions.
  • Monthly statements are sent to patients who have an overdue balance. Because payments are due at time of service, any balances over thirty days are considered overdue. An outside collection service will be utilized for accounts that had a significant payment within 90 days of the date of service.
  • For questions regarding an overdue account, please call your local AllerVie office.
  • AllerVie Account Services Representatives file our patients’ insurance claims. Occasionally, there may turn out to be a credit balance on your account. It will be refunded to you as soon as we identify it. It may also be applied to your account. For questions regarding credit balances, please call your local AllerVie office.
  • Do You Offer Interpreting Services?

    AllerVie Health locations offer interpreting services through Language Line Solutions. Interpreters are available to our patients by phone at their appointment. There is no cost to our patients for the following languages:

    Can I Transfer My Allergy Shots to an AllerVie Location?

    Patients transferring their care or allergy shots to an AllerVie location should schedule a new patient appointment with one of our providers. Please bring all medical records and applicable shot records to your new patient visit.

    How Do I Refill Prescriptions?

  • All medications, including refills are prescribed based on your current condition and will be summarized in your instruction sheet/treatment plan. Follow up appointments are scheduled so that we can monitor your condition and adjust medicines or allergy injections accordingly.
  • Calls for prescriptions or refills should be made by calling your local AllerVie office.
  • Requests will be filled during normal clinic hours only. Please make sure we have your most current pharmacy address and phone number. Please check with your pharmacy for the status of your refill.
  • Please remember we cannot prescribe medications or fulfill refill requests if you have not been seen for a follow up visit in the past year. Your appointments must be up to date per your provider’s instructions for prescriptions to be refilled.
  • How Do I Receive My Lab Results?

  • Laboratory and imaging results may return at different times and may take up to two week.
  • We will notify you of your lab and imaging results either through the patient portal, via phone call, or a follow-up telehealth appointment depending on the AllerVie office.
  • How Do I Receive a Copy of My Medical Records?

  • To receive a copy of your medical records, a request must be submitted through our Medical Records Release form.
  • Requests take 5 to 7 days to be processed.
  • Requests from patients, guardians and other physicians will be processed free of charge.
  • Record requests from other entities may be subject to a fee.
  • How Do I Get School Forms Completed?

  • Our offices will complete and sign appropriate school forms that are provided to us by the parents/ legal guardians of our patients. Please allow five days for all school forms to be completed. We will mail forms to the address we have on file for you, unless otherwise noted, and a fee may be incurred, up to $10.
  • Also, we cannot provide school forms if your child has not been seen in the last year so please ensure your child is maintaining their annual appointments.